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09 February 2560 / 09.55 น.

The Deputy Director-General of CDD congress and encourage people who came for competitve examination

Mr. Atthanit Sumpantarut The Deputy Director-General, Department of Community Development. Chairman conducted the competition to appoint a person to serve as a civil servant in the position of Community Development Specialist. Meet and encourage the candidates competing for the position measurement of the interview. On 9- 10 January, 2559 402, Wayupak meeting room, 4th Floor [...]

09 February 2560 / 09.30 น.

CDD. Health Care Department. Campaign performance development body.

Community Development Department. Health care Department. Campaign performance development body On December 13 59 at 11:00 am. Director of Community Development Department Deputy Director-General appointed Mr. Pho Son North Community Development Department, presided over the inauguration of a project to improve the lives of personnel. Community Development Department 2560 model year. Mr. Wichai he was [...]

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